Vampire Reads: Where to go to Find More

If you haven’t found something to sink your teeth into in our vampire reviews so far, here are some resources that may be able to help you find what you want. And remember, if you’re interested in a title that isn’t in our collection, you can use ABC Express or Interlibrary Loan to order it!

vampireapocalypseThe Monster Librarian is one source for reviews of vampire fiction. A number of the books he reviews are either in our Horror collection or are currently on order. These include Vampire Apocalypse (Derek Gunn), Salem’s Lot (Stephen King), Vampyrrhic (Simon Clark), Blood Red (James A. Moore), Trailer Trash (Scott T. Goudsward) as well as others. Use the subject heading Vampires—Fiction to find others. He also writes reviews of young adult (YA) titles.

There is also an excellent Vampire bibliography, titled Vampire Readings: The Online Vampire Bibliography. This is an annotated listing, by author, and includes horror, romance and YA titles.
The bibliographer, Patricia Altner, also has a blog of more current vampire news.

Another good site for reviews of vampire fiction is LoveVampires. One can search for books by title or author and there is excellent information here on series “in reading order”! Each title has a synopsis as well as a review, and though not as comprehensive as the site above, the material is thorough.
Here is an interview with the editor of LoveVampires.

Lastly, there is a decent general discussion at Wikipedia on vampire fiction, with a list of historical titles of vampire books.

–Bob Strauss, Hunter Library Horror bibliographer, Oct. 14, 2009


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